Founded in 2002, RoofStuff, Inc. (formerly Adjustable Pipe Supports) specializes in pre-manufactured and custom designed supports for pipes, conduits, ducts, and mechanical equipment. Our strive for perfection in design and quality has allowed us to work side by side with some of the most prestigious architects and roof consultants in the nation. At the same time, our low pricing and outstanding customer service has helped us to become the preferred pipe support vendor for a large and rapidly growing number of contractors.

When working with RoofStuff you get:
  • The Lowest Price
  • The Highest Level of Quality
  • A customer service experience rivaled by none

Call us on your next job and let us save you precious time and money!

Why do I need pipe supports?

In a 24-hour period temperatures can vary as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This change in temperature causes the material in any type of piping to expand in the heat of the day and contract in the cooler temperatures of the night. This constant movement of the piping can cause severe damage to a roof; significantly shortening its life span. A 100 foot span of pipe can move as much as 1" in 12 hours. Shortcuts to proper supporting such as wood blocks often cause even more damage than they prevent. Our supports keep the piping up off of the roof while still allowing for linear movement through a roller type support or swinging trapeze support.

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